Cutting Board With Hanger Serrated Cutting Board Cutting Board With Reservoir Serrated Cutting Board With Handle Corrugated Cutting Board
Extra Thick Cutting Board Shaped Cutting Board Cutting Board With Handle Shaped Cutting Board With Handle Cutting Board With Handle
Serrated Pide Cutting Board Oval Cutting Board with Handle Triangle Cheese Plate  Ellipse Cheese Plate Steril Knife Box
Polyethylene Knife Stand Meat Beater Stacking Shelf  Fish Scale Remover Pizza Tray
Bread Cutting Stand with Drawer Rolls Rolling Cylinder  Rolling Cylinder Stand Spatulas
Dough Tray Honey Mallet Polyethylene Hammer  Mallets Salad Mixer
Mojito Mallet Mortar and Pestle Cutting Board With Slider  Stacking Shelf Oval Cutting Board
 Cutting Board Set Shish-Kebab-Maker Cutting Board with Wastehole  Polyethylene Back Welded Working Table
Working Table Wall and Table Racks Squid Beater    

Established in 2001, YELKAR PLASTIC who produces hygienic cutting boards and kitchen equipments, renews continuously its product range according to food industry needs.

Yelkar produces pioneering products for:





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Food safety for high-risk populations involves preventing cross-contamination.


Food service equipment becomes a source of cross-contamination when it is not cleaned properly. Keep your equipment bacteria-free with these steps:

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